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Shanghai New Fishport International

Add :No.55-56, Building 3, No.2866 Jun Gong Road Shanghai 200438 China
P.C :200438
Tel :021-33816636
Fax :021-33816635
Email :[email protected]
          Or [email protected]

Shanghai New Fishport International
(New FPI for short) is a professional company engaged in the procurement and sale of aquatic products.As the seafood supplier at the 2016 G20 summit in Hangzhou, New

FPI has passed MSC ,ASC ,HACCP ,ISO quality management system and also satisfied People's Republic of China frontier port health permit for cruise food supplyment.New

FPI's clients conclude: the world's largest five star hotel chain enterprise---Marriott Group ,Hilton Hotels Corp ,the most valuable fresh mart in China---Yonghui

supermarket and the high-end fresh mart in Shanghai--City Super. New FPI owns a production enterprise "FishFishFish(Shanghai) Food Co., Ltd." which possess the

function of R&D ,producing ,testing ,experience and storage. It owns 2000㎡ of production and processing business area and annual processing capacity of 1000 tons.


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